Nancy Frampton Memorial

As many of you know, Nancy Walker Frampton’s voice joined the heavenly choir September 21, 2020. Nancy began singing with Atlanta Schola Cantorum (“ASC”) in 1991, 29 years ago. The Nancy Frampton Memorial Project was created to honor her memory and years of service with ASC. We want to collect photos and remembrances of her time and talents with us. Your contributions will be gathered and published into a book to be presented to her husband, Mac and their two sons, Eric and Will. A family only service was held shortly following her death, but Mac is planning to have a public service later. He has invited Schola to sing at her “memorial celebration of life”. Mac announced that this celebration of life will be held at Morningside Presbyterian Church “after our country has rid itself of Covid19. When it becomes safe for everyone to gather we want to give Nancy a proper send-off, complete with choir, lots of music, and remembrances. Though it is impossible to know that date at this time, we will definitely make an announcement when the day comes. And together we can joyfully celebrate the amazing life of a true angel.” Please let us know if you are interested in joining ASC to sing with us for this celebration of Nancy’s life. There are no specific plans at this time. We will post updates here to let you know specifics as they are decided .To read her obituary, please click or copy and paste the link below.

Specializing in Renaissance Polyphony

Atlanta Schola Cantorum is a 24-voice chorus specializing in the performance of sacred choral music of the Renaissance, notably the works of Josquin, Palestrina, Victoria, Tallis, and Byrd. This focus on Renaissance polyphony sets Schola apart from other Atlanta choirs.

During the European Renaissance, “the world was an extremely wretched and dangerous place,” according to music critic Pierre Ruhe (December 2009, Atlanta Journal Constitution). Yet, he notes, “perhaps as a call to an otherworldly paradise, sacred church music was an escape of extraordinary, timeless beauty.”

Schola strives to present authentic, engaging performances of this timeless but little-known music. Describing a May 2006 Schola performance, Ruhe wrote, “The music is exhilarating, sweet, agonizing and intensely poignant.… Yet, true to form, everything is perfect in balance, structure and sensibility.… Such depth of expression—a fusion of harmonies and texts—was the hallmark of [Atlanta Schola Cantorum] throughout the concert.”

Schola also performs rarely heard medieval chants and songs, including early Spanish music from the Codex Las Huelgas and Llibre Vermell de Montserrat. In addition, the group’s extensive repertory includes early baroque music and works by contemporary composers such as Pärt, Tavener, Lauridsen, and Whitacre.


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